Rear Projection TV Repairs

Do you need in home repair of your Rear Projection TVPacific Hi Fi provides high quality repair service on site. We will inspect and repair your entertainment equipment in the comfort of your own home. Services are offered on a wide variety of rear projector TV systems. All works are guaranteed, even when services are done in your home environment.

  • Do you have a rear projection set in your home or office?
  • Are you seeing double images?
  • Does your picture look milky?

We can arrange to come to your home or office to not only repair your rear projection TV but to connect and calibrate your TV to its highest standards. We are an authorised service centre for most major brands.

Are you in need of a rear projection TV repair in your business? Pacific Hi Fi works with numerous business entities, providing professional services. We desire to meet your business needs and offer fast, reliable service at your place of business. We work to minimize repair interruption time that could affect your business timeline. Our experts are highly trained to meet your business needs.

Expert team members will look at your personal rear projector system, and solve pending issues. Heat issues can be resolved. Input and output problems will be determined and adjusted. Needed components can be replaced. Audio and sound systems will be fined tuned to provide the highest sound quality for your needs.

Pacific Hi Fi also provides needed lamp replacements, remote control alternatives, and internal fan changes. Additional internal components can be repaired and replaced including tuners, ballasts, and light engines. Pacific Hi Fi provides excellent quality of service to meet your rear projection TV repair needs. Service inquiries are available twenty-four hours a day through our online inquiry system. We are also available by phone to discuss your immediate needs. Trained experts are waiting to assist you, so contact us today.

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