Araknis Networks 110-Series Single-WAN Gigabit VPN RouterThis Araknis Networks? Series router is the ideal choice for entry-level networks. A compact form factor provides you with the ultimate install flexibility without sacrificing performance. It features a single …
Araknis Networks 110-Series Single-WAN Gigabit VPN Router with Wi-FiThis Araknis Networks? Wi-Fi router is perfect for entry-level networks in small living spaces like condos and townhomes. It supports 1 Gigabit WAN interface for today?s modern Internet speeds, plus …
Araknis Networks 310-Series Gigabit VPN RouterFor high-traffic networks with up to 500 devices, choose the Araknis Networks? 310-series router. It features four Gigabit LAN interfaces with full Gigabit LAN-LAN speed, as well as a Gigabit …
Luxul ABR-4400 Residential/Commercial RouterWHAT THIS PRODUCT DOES: The Luxul AV Series Multi-WAN Gigabit Router (ABR-4400) provides an optimal platform for setting up the ultimate residential or commercial network. It features rear panel ports …$460
Luxul XWR-1750 Wireless RouterWHAT THIS PRODUCT DOES: The Luxul Dual-Band Wireless AC1750 Gigabit Router (XWR-1750) represents the latest advancement in Wi-Fi technology?delivering speeds up to 1750Mbps. Combining wired router functionality with state-of-the-art concurrent …$490
Luxul XWR-600 Wireless RoutersWHAT THIS PRODUCT DOES: The Luxul Dual-Band Wireless 600N Router (XWR-600) delivers incredible wireless performance at a great value. With concurrent dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) technology the XWR-600 provides combined …$240
Sonab CEX Wireless Range ExtenderNot only does it extend, it also helps to cure potentially difficult Wi-Fi conditions in your store, at your office or in your hotel, such as concrete walls or other …$699
Sonab CVM Wireless Volume MasterThe CVM is the center for controlling volume in the Sonab System 9 in a wireless setup. Controls overall master volume and the 6 different volumes zones. CVM handles all …$399
Sherwood WD-1 WiFi Direct Network BoxSherwood WD-1 WiFi direct network box. Includes HDMI, AV Out, Internet Radio and connectivity to iPhones, iPads and Android devices via Bluetooth.$279