Repair Services

Authorised Warranty Repair Service

Pacific Hi Fi is an authorised warranty service agents for many brands. Our technicians are expert in TV repair, Projectors repair, Turntables & Cassette Decks repair, audio speaker and subwoofer repairs, home theatre & Hi Fi Equipment repairs, microwave repairs, projector lamps and globes repair.

Home Theatre & Hi Fi Equipment Repairs

Pacific Hi Fi is one of the best providers of home theatre and Hi Fi equipment repairs within Australia. Staff members are trained to provide accurate and high quality repairs for a variety of entertainment systems. We can service and repair your sound equipment so you can get the best sound possible and have it calibrated in your home to suit your room environment. Did you know you can increase the quality of the sound from your equipment by up to 100% and we can show you how.

LCD TV Repair

Pacific Hi Fi offers better quality and affordable LCD TV repair services. Our well trained experts are ready to assess and solve any problems you are encountering. We service all major brands and offer warranty repair services according to strict manufacturer guidelines.

LED TV Repair

LED TVs are a successful technology to provide consumers with entertainment at lower energy consumption rates. Pacific Hi Fi offers professional support and services for top name brand LED TV repair needs. Pacific Hi Fi experts provide quality solutions to meet your every need. Expert staffs are highly trained and available to discuss any LED TV repair issue.

Microwave Oven Repairs

Pacific Hi Fi offers safe repair of a variety of microwave issues. We can perform all repairs in a safe manner with the utmost care. All microwave repairs are provided by the best experts within the field. Internal and external repairs are performed by our certified staff.

Major brands are “our business” when it comes to microwave repairs. We can fix the simplest problems to the more complex issues. We offer guaranteed service to customers, meeting their daily needs.

Plasma Television Repairs

Pacific Hi Fi offers outstanding service in Plasma TV repairs. Experts are available on hand to meet individual, as well as business needs. Our experts are highly trained and provide reliable service to the community.We offer award winning service every moment of the day.

Rear Projection TV Repairs

Do you need in home repair of your Rear Projection TVPacific Hi Fi provides high quality repair service on site. We will inspect and repair your entertainment equipment in the comfort of your own home. Services are offered on a wide variety of rear projector TV systems. All works are guaranteed, even when services are done in your home environment.

Replacement Projector Lamps and Globes

Are you in need of projector repair and not sure where to go?

Pacific Hi Fi can help you with your needs. We specialize in projector repairs, as well as projector lamps and globes. We offer the best of expertise knowledge to meet your personal needs. We supply projector replacement lamps for almost all types and brands of projectors. These include rear projection TVs, rear projection LCD TVs and DLP projectors for brands such as InFocus, Toshiba, BenQ, Panasonic and many other popular and lesser known brands.

Speaker and Subwoofer Repairs

  • Are you in need of high quality repair services for your audio speakers and subwoofer systems?

Pacific Hi Fi will meet and exceed your service expectations. We offer highly trained professionals with outstanding service records to take care of those repair needs.

We offer full service Car Audio & Hi FI Audio speaker and subwoofer repairs for top of the line products including Velodyne, Infinity, Jamo, Rel, Wharfedale, Orion, Yamaha, Bose, Pioneer, Panasonic and many others. Other top brands and speaker manufacturer system repairs are also available. If you are unsure if we service your brand of equipment, feel free to give us a call for more information on 02 9821 2190.

Turntable, Cassette Deck & Reel to Reel Repairs

The Team at Pacific Hi Fi take great pride in carrying one of the largest ranges of Turntable Parts, Cartidges & Styli in stock in the whole of Australia (probably the world).

TV Repairs and Projector Repairs

We are one of oldest Sydney TV repair workshops, working with all brands of LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, Rear Projection TVs, flat panel TVs and projectors. We pick up and deliver in the Sydney and surrounding region (fees apply).

VCR, DVD Player, DVD Recorder and Blu-Ray Player Repairs

When it’s broken, Don’t throw it away!

We all have various sources from which we can enjoy our favorite blockbuster movie and musical hits, however when your VCR, DVD player, DVD recorder, or Blu-Ray player fails to work, you don’t have to throw out these home theatre pieces.  Pacific Hi Fi offers a range of excellent repair services that can restore these devices so they are like new again. Our highly trained repair technicians provide repair services on all major brands of electronics.

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