Pro Control iPro.8 Companion Remote Control

Pro Control

A companion controller for use with smart phones, tablets and processors, this remote overcomes the limitations these other devices have in controlling your gear?s most frequently used features.

  • Companion remote for use with the ProPanel App running on iPhone, iPad or PC
  • 433MHz and 2.4GHz Zigbee transmission (No direct-IR)
  • Remote finder beeper allows user to easily locate SURFiR by pressing a button on their smart phone or tablet
  • Includes eight buttons that can be custom labeled
  • Programmable in Pro Control Studio only


A Unique Companion for Tablets and Smartphones.

Designed to overcome some of the inherent limitations of tablets and smartphones as primary controllers, the revolu- tionary iPro.8 delivers instant connectivity and reliable operation seamlessly and inexpensively.

Tablet and smartphone users love finding ways to utilize their devices to streamline their lives, including using them to control electronics and entertainment. Yet the devices are limited by a lack of hard buttons for tactile control, slow connectivity, multiple apps and numerous screen swipes to accomplish simple tasks ? not to mention the possibility of the device being used for another purpose or by someone else.

The affordable, patent-pending iPro.8 addresses these issues by working as an extension of the ProPanel App running on a smartphone, tablet or PC. Hard buttons and tactile control provide immediate access to frequent activities such as changing channels, controlling the volume, and DVR transport control. Rather than relying on network connectivity, the iPro.8 communicates instantly via reliable RF technology, and can be used with any Pro Control ProLink processor with an activated ProPanel App.

  • Programmable 5-way joystick No
  • Compatible Pro Control processorProLink.r or ProLink.z
  • USB recharging cableN/A
  • USB programmingNo
  • Control via infrared (IR)No
  • Battery type4 AAA
  • Compatible with all devices that support USB-C (Video)
  • Number of commands and macros allowedUnlimited (Limited only by available memory)
  • Number of controlled devicesUnlimited (Limited only by available memory)
  • Wizard-based programmingYe s
  • Number of programmable hard buttons 50
Dimensions 240 × 46.5 × 21.6 mm


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