Koss Full Size Headphones – UR55


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Designed to deliver equal parts sound quality and comfort, Koss UR55s bump with massive bass while their lightweight foam ear cushions are enough to convince you it?s just you and the music.
  • Studio headphones
  • Great sound
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Impedance


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Slipping into a set of lightweight, professional headphones like the Koss UR55 studio headphones is like listening to a live musical performance at a spacious outdoor venue. These high-velocity headphones feature open-screen ear cups that deliver great sound, lasting comfort, and impressive air circulation.

A padded sling with a sturdy metal headband reinforcement provides extreme durability, while the swivel ear cups encourage maximum flexibility, single-ear listening and convenient storage.

  • Studio headphones
  • Great sound, lasting comfort and air circulation
  • Massive bass and heightened sound clarity
  • Padded sling with a metal headband and swivelling ear cups
  • Koss?Limited Lifetime Warranty

Key Features:

  • Open-screen ear cups deliver great sound, lasting comfort and air circulation
  • Neodymium, iron and boron (rare-earth magnets) plus a dynamic element for extended frequency response
  • Padded sling with metal headband reinforcement for extreme durability
  • Swivel ear cups encourage maximum flexibility and single-ear listening
  • 4 foot?Koss?Flex-cord increases durability and helps prevent tangles
  • Covered under the?Koss?Stereophones?Limited Lifetime Warranty
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  • Frequency Response – 18-22,000 Hz
  • Impedance – 36 ohms
  • Sensitivity – 100.0 dB SPL
  • Cord – Straight, Dual Entry, 4ft


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