VCR, DVD Player, DVD Recorder and Blu-Ray Player Repairs

When it’s broken, Don’t throw it away!

We all have various sources from which we can enjoy our favorite blockbuster movie and musical hits, however when your VCR, DVD player, DVD recorder, or Blu-Ray player fails to work, you don’t have to throw out these home theatre pieces. Pacific Hi Fi offers a range of excellent repair services that can restore these devices so they are like new again. Our highly trained repair technicians provide repair services on all major brands of electronics.

VCR Repairs
VCR repair is one area of expertise provided by Pacific Hi Fi. Help is given in troubleshooting many common, and not so common, issues with your VCR. They can assist with loading and unloading problems, play button issues, audio challenges, as well as general control matters. Pacific Hi Fi also provides information in how to maintain your VCR and prevent unnecessary future VCR repairs.

DVD Player Repairs
Pacific Hi Fi offers a top notch DVD player repair service for families and businesses. Our Technicians can fine tune small DVD player issues, as well as provide more extensive repairs. Connection issues can be resolved. Video and audio challenges, remote control issues, and other relevant concerns are determined and repaired by experts within the field, at Pacific Hi Fi. Regardless of the challenge, they can meet your need.

DVD Recorder Repairs
DVD Recorder Repair is provided from the best at Pacific Hi Fi. Repairs are available for any DVD recorder problem. Trained personnel fix the DVD recorder challenges, including: audio instability, low video quality, recording issues, electrical problems, overheating challenges, as well as communication issues between components. DVD recorder repairs are made on all major brands by highly knowledgeable staff, working smart to meet your personal needs.

Blu-Ray Player Repairs
Pacific Hi Fi provides only the best service within the industry, when it comes to Blu-Ray player repair. Staffs are trained and are able to work on all major brands. They are available to provide troubleshooting tests and repairs that are needed. Blu-Ray player repair is done with high precision and accuracy. The service is affordable to meet your needs.

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