Turntable, Cassette Deck & Reel to Reel Repairs

The Team at Pacific Hi Fi take great pride in carrying one of the largest ranges of Turntable Parts, Cartidges & Styli in stock in the whole of Australia (probably the world).
Stylus (styli plural), record needles, etc

With almost 1000 different Styli in stock, we are more than likely able to supply a replacement stylus today. Of course we can ship your stylus anywhere in the world.

There are so many styli available, many look very similar, you’ll need an expert to make sure you get the right one. The team at Pacific Hi Fi have been selling Record Styli and accessories for more than 30 years

Take advantage of our exclusive Stylus Trade-in Offer. Yes, we will give you $5 trade-in when you bring or send your old stylus to us. Not only will you save $5, but we will be certain to get the right replacement for you!

Turntable Belts

Need a new belt? We carry most of the popular ones in stock.


Ceramic, Moving Magnet and even Moving Coil. If you need one we can get it. (If we can’t I doubt that any one else could).

Turntable, Cassette Decks & Tape Deck (Reel To Reel) Repairs

Yes we repair Turntables, Cassette & Tape Decks for all the major brands. Parts may be hard to find. If they are available we can fix it. Our Technicians are very skilled and have been known to rebuilt switches and motors when there is no other solution available. If it can be fixed, we can do it!

Please complete the form below for your inquiry regarding any Repair services. Our service team will get back to you soon regarding your inquiry.