Replacement Projector Lamps and Globes

Are you in need of projector repair and not sure where to go?

Pacific Hi Fi can help you with your needs. We specialize in projector repairs, as well as projector lamps and globes. We offer the best of expertise knowledge to meet your personal needs. We supply projector replacement lamps for almost all types and brands of projectors. These include rear projection TVs, rear projection LCD TVs and DLP projectors for brands such as InFocus, Toshiba, BenQ, Panasonic and many other popular and lesser known brands.

Projector Repairs
Projector repairs are no problem for Pacific Hi Fi. They offer quality services and help with a wide variety of repairs. Assistance is given to customers in need of troubleshooting. They can improve signal quality, resolve power challenges, and configure components. They can help with encounters that cannot be solved. Pacific Hi Fi can ensure that all components are working properly, and at the highest quality possible. This will ensure that you have the equipment running properly, at the moment you need it.

Replacement Projector Lamps and Globes
Pacific Hi Fi has projector lamps and globes repairs covered. We offer in-depth knowledge and hands-on repair when it comes to major brand equipment. Lighting components are reviewed to ensure they are operating properly. The cooling properties of the lamp can also be inspected. Annual maintenance and cleaning (inside the unit) are recommended to increase the life of your projector, lamps, and globes.

Pacific Hi Fi can also order nearly any projector lamp or globe that needs to be replaced. Replacement lamps and globes are available for brands such as: Panasonic, Toshiba, InFocus, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, as well as a wide range of others. We also offer replacements for Centrex, Denon, Kenwood, Infinity, and Orion. Pacific Hi Fi can provide solutions for getting the most life out of your projector lamps and globes.

Projector lamps and globes repairs are provided by Pacific Hi Fi, an authorized service agent. If you live in Sydney or the surrounding areas let us pick up your projector and deliver it back to you when we have completed the repairs, straight to your door. Simple and easy so you can return to watching your favorite shows in no time. If you are in need of replacements or service, call today. We will be happy to assist you.

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