Microwave Oven Repairs

Pacific Hi Fi offers safe repair of a variety of microwave issues. We can perform all repairs in a safe manner with the utmost care. All microwave repairs are provided by the best experts within the field. Internal and external repairs are performed by our certified staff.

Major brands are “our business” when it comes to microwave repairs. We can fix the simplest problems to the more complex issues. We offer guaranteed service to customers, meeting their daily needs.

So what can our microwave repair experts at Pacific Hi Fi offer? Our staff can fix simple problems including door misalignments, bad interlock switches, arching issues, fuse challenges, touchpad operation problems, as well as bugs within the controller circuit board.

More complex issues are also safely resolved by our technicians. High voltage components can be tested, microwave controllers checked, power issues resolved, food sensors replaced, as well as cooling fans changed.

We offer relay and regulator replacement, overheating repairs, turntable upkeeps, and replace needed bulbs. Maintenance service is also available to prolong the life of your favorite microwave. Pacific Hi Fi offers the most reliable microwave repair services. All services are performed with you and your families’ safety, as the first priority.

Microwave repairs are also offered to businesses in need. If you have a microwave that appears dead, or only works half the time, let us take a look at it. We can save you time and money for your business, while offering fast, dependable, expert care by well trained professionals.

Repairing a microwave oven is a dangerous task. The high-voltage potential combined with the high-current capability of an operating microwave oven pose a deadly threat. For your personal safety, we respectfully ask that you contact a qualified and professional technician like us before attempting any repairs. We service and repair all major brands of microwave ovens. We can also source spare parts for you eg: Plates, Globes and Accessories.

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