Wharfedale Diamond A2 Stereo Speaker


Easy to set-up, well equipped, and authoritative performers: the Wharfedale A2s, like their stand, mount siblings, epitomise a good concept pretty well executed.

  • Bass Driver: DUAL 6.5 inch Woven Kevlar cone
  • Frequency Response (+/-3dB) : 40Hz – 20kHz
  • System Power Output: 100 Watts


Not many floor standers can claim to stand on their own two feet (well, in this case, four) quite as independently as the Wharfedale Diamond A2 speakers.

With built-in amplification, these powered speakers could be considered as a just-add-a-source hi-fi system ? a compact and practical substitute for the multiple boxes and racks that make up a room-hogging set-up of separates.

Only an ashtray-sized control hub, the H1, stands in the way of total autonomy. It?s what your sources connect to, via the hub?s coaxial, optical or RCA inputs, or aptX Bluetooth.

The H1 then wirelessly sends the music signal to the speakers solely over the 5.8GHz frequency band ? avoiding the often-crowded 2.4GHz frequency for supposedly less interference.

  • The Diamond Active Series from Wharfedale delivers wireless connectivity with a difference.
  • Whilst, not the first stereo speakers to offer integrated amplification and Bluetooth connectivity, Wharfedale’s clever ?true wireless? technology ensures greater flexibility than many such designs.
  • This, combined with award-winning sonic know-how, delivers levels of convenience and performance that separate the Diamond Active Series from the rest of the wireless speaker crowd.
  • Wharfedale?s Diamond Active speakers work differently to conventional wireless or powered speakers.
  • They include the H1, an advanced Wharfedale wireless hub to which the playback device is paired via aptX Bluetooth (sonically superior to standard Bluetooth codecs).
  • The H1 hub then sends the left and right audio signals to the appropriate speaker via uncompressed wireless transmission, allowing greater freedom in terms of positioning.
  • As well as removing the need for the speakers to be connected together via a cable ? that?s why we call it ?true wireless? ? the fact that each speaker incorporates its own 50W amplifier helps to ensure consistent, fully optimised stereo sound.
  • To enable interference-free wireless transmission, the H1 hub avoids the often-crowded 2.4GHz frequency band, focusing on 5.8GHz instead.
  • Its intelligent wireless module has the ability to switch automatically between frequencies if needed, thus avoiding any local interference wherever the speakers are sited.
  • Each speaker can be placed up to 20 metres from the hub, giving exceptional positioning flexibility; the only other requirement is that both speakers need to be plugged into mains power.
  • The Diamond A2 sports DUAL proprietary 6.5 inches woven Kevlar mid/bass drivers ? as featured in the multi-award-winning Diamond 230. The cone incorporates semi-elliptical ?break-up? areas, which smooth the response throughout the audible range, while rear-firing reflex ports augment the bass.
  • The 1-inch fabric dome tweeter is also derived from the Diamond 200 Series, incorporating a precision-drive magnet system and a meticulously designed waveguide around the diaphragm for optimal dispersion.
  • The drive units are combined via a sophisticated crossover network, specifically developed to optimise the performance of the Diamond Active speakers? integrated amplifier/driver configuration, delivering a cohesive performance that is bold and engaging, yet also impressively refined.



Wharfedale Diamond Design Active Core Technologies:

  • 5.8GHz wireless uncompressed wireless technology
  • +/-6dB Bass Control, Balance Function
  • Speaker mode selection: Left/Mono/Right
  • Digital Amplifier with DSP
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Weight 18800 g
Dimensions 156 × 150 × 30 mm

Diamond A2 Specifications

  • Enclosure Type : Bass Reflex
  • Bass Driver : DUAL 6.5 inch Woven Kevlar cone
  • Tweeter : 1 inch soft dome
  • Frequency Response (+/-3dB) : 40Hz – 20kHz
  • Bass Extension : 35Hz
  • System Power Output : 100 Watts
  • Peak SPL : 95dB
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm : 912 x 210 x 300 each
  • Weight : 18.8kg each

Stocked Colours (Speakers)

  1. Black Leatherette with Gloss Black Baffle
  2. Black Leatherette with Gloss White Baffle

H1 Hub Specifications

  • H1 Hub Signal Frequencies : 5.2/5.8GHz wireless uncompressed
  • Wireless Reception Range : up to 20 metres
  • Digital Inputs : 1 x Coaxial, 1 x Toslink Optical
  • Digital Input Sampling Rate : Up to 24-bit/96kHz
  • Analogue Inputs : 2 x Stereo RCA
  • Bluetooth Input : aptX (Priority), SBC
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm : 30 x 150 x 156 (H1 Hub)
  • Weight : 0.46kg (H1 Hub)
  • Stocked Colours : Gloss Black


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