Tivoli Audio PAL+/PAL+ BT Replacement Battery

Tivoli Audio

12 V NiMH Generation 1 (pre-2018)

  • PALPBAT fits all Generation 1 PAL+ and PAL+BT
  • Nickle Metal Hydride Battery
  • Up to 16 hours of playback


If you find the playback time of your PAL+ series portable radio is noticeably reduced*, it is probably time to invest in a replacement battery.

Don’t worry, the process is simple, just two little screws and your radio will be just as good as the day you brought it home. Buying your battery directly from Tivoli Audio ensures you are getting the correct replacement for your radio.

*Battery life varies by use.

This replacement battery pack is compatible with the following Tivoli Audio products: PAL+ and PAL+ BT Generation 1.

To determine if you PAL+ BT is Generation 1 please refer to the serial number on the back of your unit. If the last two digits of the serial number are 17 or lower this is the correct battery pack for you. If higher please purchase the PAL BT/ PAL+BT Generation 2 battery pack.

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