Tivoli Audio Model Two Radio – AM/FM Table Radio with Stereo Speaker

Tivoli Audio

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  • High-performance table radio with companion stereo speaker for superior sound reproduction
  • Attractive, furniture-grade, handmade wood cabinet doubles as acoustically inert housing
  • Pair of 3-inch long-throw drivers ensure accurate tonal balance and bass response
  • State-of-the-art discrete component FM tuner improves reception and increases clarity

Model Two has also borrowed liberally from other technology to create the best radio on the market. Using cell phone technology, a GaAs MES-FET mixer is used for FM tuning to increase clarity and enhance reception. The geared-down 5:1 tuning ratio adds to the ease and accuracy of channel tuning while the amber tuning light keeps track of your channel selection.

True Stereo

To get a true stereo sound you need both a right and left speaker, with the Model Two you get both with 15 feet of cord to separate the two for true stereo sound.

Mixing Input

The Model Two takes the technology of the Model One a step further with the addition of a mixing input, which allows you to mix computer audio with that of the radio.


If you decide to purchase the optional subwoofer the Model Two comes with its own dedicated subwoofer output and balance control for ultimate audio quality.

Fits in Tight Spaces

The brass ports are located in the back so you can place your Model Two vertically if space is tight in your home.

Auxiliary Position

The front source knob has an auxiliary position so it’s easier for you to hear the optional Model CD or other accessory devices.

3-Inch Driver

The heavy-magnet, long-throw, 3″ driver is allied with a multistage frequency contouring circuit that adjusts to the speaker’s output over half-octave increments giving you an accurate tonal balance and bass response.

State of the Art Tuner

Rather than being satisfied with an integrated circuit, Henry Kloss has incorporated state of the art technology into his Model One with the addition of the GaAs MES-FET mixer for better reception and increased clarity.

5:1 Tuning Ratio

The geared-down 5:1 tuning ratio permits easy and accurate tuning and the addition of an amber tuning indicator makes finding your favorite channel even easier.

Built-in and More

Built-in AM and FM antennas give you superb reception but if you happen to be in a reception-poor area then the 75-ohm jack lets you attach an external FM antenna for even better reception.


For those moments when you want a little privacy or quiet time, connect your headphones to the headphone jack and escape from life’s daily distractions, or better yet, let the kids enjoy their favorite channel while you get some peace and quiet.

Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 202 × 117 × 117 mm

Tuner AM/FM Stereo
Frequency Range Not Specified by Manufacturer
Speaker 3″ speaker
Power Output 20W (10 each speaker)
I/O Connectors Jack for external FM antenna
Auxiliary input
Stereo headphone output
Power Requirements 120V, 60Hz


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