Tivoli Audio Albergo/Albergo+ Stereo Speaker

Tivoli Audio

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  • Albergo+ companion speaker
  • Rear firing bass port
  • 3″ full range long throw driver
  • Expands Albergo into high fidelity stereo
  • Easy to connect


Out of stock

You love the high fidelity sound from your Tivoli Audio Albergo table radio but you want to hear broadcasts and Bluetooth music streaming in stereo. What to do? The Albergo Stereo speaker has you covered. The Speaker easily connects to the back of your Albergo radio with a simple RCA connection. The 14.52 audio cable allows you to put plenty of distance between your radio and the speaker to create a large open stereo sound stage. Both the cosmetics and sound of the speaker matches that of the Albergo radio. the rear-firing port enhances low level bass, while the long throw, full-range driver provides accurate sound reproduction. The Albergo speakers footprint also matches thta of the Albergo radio. The diminutive size provides more placement flexibility while leaving space for a lamp, smart phone or other items.

Weight 798 g
Dimensions 294 × 176 × 172 mm

Package Contents Albergo Speaker
14.5″ Audio Cable
User Guide
Warranty Card
Adhesive Backed Rubber Feet
Driver Type 76.20 mm Full Range


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