Tivoli Audio 9V DC 2A Power Supply

Tivoli Audio


Key Features:

  • Replace a missing or frayed power supply
  • Works with PAL (Gen. 2), PAL BT (Gen. 2), and PAL+ BT (Gen. 2).
  • 9V DC 2A Power Supply


We all lose things from time to time and a power supply is no exception.

If you just can’t seem to remember where you put your radio’s power supply, don’t fret. Our replacement power cords and adapters, will get your radio back up and running in no time.*

This 9V DC 2A power supply is compatible with the following products: PAL (Gen. 2), PAL BT (Gen. 2), and PAL+ BT (Gen. 2).

To determine if you PAL BT is Generation 2 please refer to the serial number on the back of your unit.

If the last two digits of the serial number are 18 or higher this is the correct power supply for you.

*Please note, shipped item may not match photo depicted.

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Compatible Products:

  • PAL Generation 2
  • PAL BT Generation 2
  • PAL+ BT Generation 2


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