Tauris PLAC0014



Key Features:

  • Adjustable tilt 20°
  • Swivel up to 360°
  • Clearance from ceiling 108cm – 148cm
  • Max mounting arms 830mm – 520mm
  • Max load 75Kgs
  • Extension poles available


Swivel & Tilt TV Ceiling Mount

Tauris PLAC-0014 Ceiling Mount is one of the best mounting options.

Tauris PLAC-0014 Ceiling Mount bears the maximum load of 75 kg.

Tauris PLAC-0014 Ceiling Mount provides the max mounting arms of 830 mm – 520 mm.

Tauris Ceiling Mount delivers the quality as well as saves the money for what you want.


Brand Tauris
Color Black
Warranty Australian Manufacturer Warranty


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