SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers


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Experience audio excellence with the SVS Ultra Series speakers. Engineered for uncompromising performance, these speakers deliver precise sound with unparalleled clarity and depth. Featuring custom-designed drivers and premium construction, the Ultra Series ensures a captivating listening experience that brings your favourite music and movies to life. Elevate your sound with SVS Ultra.


  • Ultra Driver & Tweeter Design
  • Intelligent SoundMatch Crossover Design
  • Performance Driven Cabinet Design and Geometry
  • Meticulous, Innovative Design Process


Out of stock

The SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers are the rare speaker design that delivers effortless full-range sound and an expansive soundstage with pitch-perfect accuracy and pinpoint imaging. A true reference-quality speaker, critics and music lovers celebrate the absolute transparency while home theater speaker fans laud the room-energizing dynamics and palpable bass output. It?s an amazingly balanced speaker that radiates acoustic power while rendering the finest details with precision and refinement.

Every design element of the SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers was scrutinized to achieve cost-no-object audio performance and build quality to create a groundbreaking bookshelf loudspeaker. Countless design innovations and world-class build materials result in reference to sound quality and stunning dynamics normally reserved for the world?s most expensive speakers.

Whether handling the warm and engaging sound of vinyl or the demanding, multi-layered soundtrack of an action movie, the Ultra Bookshelf speakers deliver a powerful and convincing audio experience and are among the top audio investments available at any price.

Weight 8619 g
Dimensions 277 × 216 × 381 mm

Frequency Response / Acoustic Data
Rated Bandwidth 45 Hz-32 kHz (+/-3 dB)
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 87 dB (2.83V @ 1 meter full-space, 300-3kHz)
Recommended Amplifier Power 20-150 watts
Type Bookshelf Loudspeaker
Dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts
1.7” wide-flared rear-firing port
1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter FEA-optimized diffuser for airy and unveiled presentation
Aluminum dome delivers exceptional transient response and exceptional stiffness/mass ratio
6.5” Midrange Drivers Composite glass-fiber cone
Aluminum shorting rings
Long stroke motor and suspension
Vented voice coil
Crossover & Cabinet
Crossover 2-way crossover with premium-grade capacitors, air-core inductors and heavy-trace printed circuit boards
Tweeter-to-woofer crossover: 2 kHz
Cabinet Acoustically transparent and FEA optimized grilles, wedge-shaped front baffle and flush-mounted drivers
FEA-optimized bracing reduces cabinet resonances


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