Speakercraft Seamless-FR1 Rectangular Subwoofer Speaker


  • Invisible Behind Paint, Plaster, Wall Paper and Stucco; Invisible Behind Paint, Plaster, Wall Paper and Stuccoc
  • Sensitivity: 87dB ; Frequency Response: 60Hz – 22kHz
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms; Power Handling: 100W
  • Maximum SPL: 105 dB; Uses Live-wall Technology


We often lose sight of what the general public wants; distributed audio that blends into the environment that is heard and not seen.

This caused the invention of the in-wall loudspeaker by SpeakerCraft. Over the years they have constantly improved both the sonic quality and aesthetics of our product. From careful colour selection for the moulded elements to the fine mesh of the grille, they are always looking for ways to make our speakers more appealing. Simply mounting the speaker in the wall or ceiling got it off the floor, but consumers and designers have demanded more. This is why Speakercraft is now offering a new speaker solution that is completely invisible under paint, plaster, wallpaper and even stucco. The Seamless range offers a truly invisible sound.

The SpeakerCraft FR1 Speaker is the only truly full-range plaster over the speaker. Utilising SpeakerCraft’s patented ?Live-Wall? technology, the FR1 is able to produce a higher range of frequencies. From a powerful, yet tight low end to pristine highs, the FR1 outputs a range from 60Hz right up to 22KHz and is rated for 100W RMS power handling. By moving away from the conventional round transducers to a rectangular transducer, it enables the Seamless range to move more air as it has a greater moving surface area.

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Weight 4990 g
Dimensions 457 × 305 × 73 mm

Compatible Amplifier (Watts RMS) 20 – 100
Frequency range (Hz) 60 – 22000
Impedance (Ohms) 8 – 8
Sensitivity (dB) 87
Sound Pressure (dB) 105


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