Speakercraft S6VC Volume Selector


  • Supports up to 6 Pairs of Speakers
  • Each Zone Has a 60 Watt, 12-Step, Transformer-Based, Stereo Volume Control
  • Features Direct Connect Removable Screw Down Terminals
  • Unique Suction Feet Assure the Selector Will Not Move When Room Selector Buttons Are Pushed
  • When Engaged, Rear Protection Switch Assures Safe Operation, Even by Those Unfamiliar with the System
  • Includes 100 Room Labels to Customize Any Application


SpeakerCraft?s S6VC Multi-Room Speaker Selectors with Volume Controls allow the operation of multiple pairs of speakers when using one amplifier or receiver. Once the speakers are connected to the selector, individual pairs may be turned on or off as desired using the push buttons on the front of the selector. Separate volume control for each pair allows the ability to control or limit speaker volume right at the selector. When engaged, the rear protection switch ensures safe operation, even by those unfamiliar with the system.

Installation utilizing Direct Connect makes wiring the selector to your speakers quick and easy. With a simple turn of a screw, wires are solidly secured and a perfect electrical bond is created. The process is quick, simple, and eliminates the worry of wires becoming loose

It is audiophile quality, high-powered, and sonically neutral. The SpeakerCraft award-winning design and engineering team has incorporated many unique features into the design of the speaker selector:

Suction Feet: Most speaker selectors slide backward every time you push a button on the front. Ours won’t! We have incorporated unique suction feet on the bottom that assure the selectors won’t move.

Rear Protection Override: Once the rear-mounted continuous protection switch is activated, you never have to worry about system damage occurring. The protection circuitry assures that the electronics and speakers in your system will remain safe, even while playing many pairs of speakers at once

Weight 4341 g
Dimensions 44 × 432 × 156 mm

Power Handling 125 Watts per Channel, Continuous
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
Protection Front Panel Button and Rear Override Switch
Volume Control Power Handling 60 Watts
Volume Control Attenuation 42dB Maximum
Volume Control Switch 12-Step “Make Before Break” Design


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