Soundcast Outcast 8 – The Ultimate Outdoor Wireless Speaker

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High-performance outdoor sound

  • One down-firing 8″ woofer provides rich low-frequency notes ? a difficult feat in outdoor listening areas. The OutCast’s four 3″ drivers are positioned in an omni-directional array for superior clarity regardless of where you’re sitting. And a built-in 100-watt digital amplifier was designed to perfectly power this complement of drivers.

Expand your SoundCast system

  • Add a second OutCast speaker for better coverage in a large outdoor area, or use an iCast receiver to add music to another room inside your home. And you can use as many as three different transmitters to create different systems in your home ? use one to play your child’s iPod in her bedroom and the game room, and another to play your iPod in the kitchen and on the patio.


Out of stock

Soundcast Outcast 8 – The Ultimate Outdoor Wireless Speaker

The Soundcast OutCast 8 weather-resistant, wireless speaker lets you enjoy rich multi-directional stereo sound throughout your house, in your yard, on your patio and even on your boat.It delivers unmatched premium audio quality.

Key Features

  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy set-up
  • 100 watt digital amplifier
  • Made of water resistant plastic

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Weight 11600 g

Product Dimensions Top Diameter- 10″ (25.4 cm), Bottom Diameter 11″ (27.9 cm), Height 26″ (66 cm)
Data Rate 1.536 Mbps
Modulation Frequency Hopping; FSK digital radio
Transmission Type Transceiver (Bi-directional)
Operating Frequency 2400-2483 MHz
Channel Width 2.0 MHz
Typical Range 150′ indoors/350′ outdoors

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  1. Frtiz (verified owner)

    Excellent speaker system!


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