Soundcast iCast RX Receiver


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The iCast Receiver can bring your iPod’s music into any room. The iCast Receiver is tailored to the needs of the Apple iPod owner.

  • iCast is an Interference Free 2.4 GHz system ? not affected by microwave ovens, cordless phones or other wireless devices
  • Conveniently small, light and easily maneuverable
  • Receive signals up to 350 feet through walls, doors, floors and ceilings
  • Connects with any amplifier or powered speaker
  • Compatible with whole house audio systems
  • All the needed cables and adapters to make hook-up simple and easy are supplied
  • MP3 player NOT INCLUDED

SoundCast systems let you create a simple and easy-to-use wireless multi-room audio system in your home. Use this iCast receiver to extend playback from your SpeakerCast, OutCast, or OutCast Junior system in another room. It automatically syncs with your compatible SoundCast system and connects to an existing audio system or a pair of powered speakers. It runs on the same proprietary wireless network as other SoundCast components and features a wireless range of 150 feet or more indoors. Power, volume and track buttons on the unit let you control your music locally even when playing music from an iPod in the separate iCast docking station (included in the SpeakerCast and OutCast systems).

Key Features

  • Connects to other players via SoundCast’s proprietary wireless network
  • Analog stereo output for connection to audio system or powered speakers
  • Three separate channel selections for setting up multiple systems in a single house

Data Rate 1.536 Mbps
Modulation Frequency Hopping; FSK digital radio
Transmission Type Transceiver (Bi-directional)
Co-existence Impervious to 802.11, microwave oven, both DSSS and FHSS cordless phones, and Bluetooth devices. Up to 3 SoundCast system can operate in 1 general area
Operating Frequency 2400-2483 MHz