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Sonos Sub Mini


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Key Features:

  • Dual force-canceling woofers generate surprisingly deep, dynamic low end while minimizing buzz, rattle, or distortion so you feel more immersed in every scene and song.
    • Advanced processing further enhances the acoustics, reproducing the full-tuned low frequencies expected from a much larger subwoofer.
  • Trueplayβ„’ tuning technology optimizes the bass for the unique acoustics of your space. Supported iOS device required.
  • The center tunnel efficiently moves air to maximize bass while nodding to the design of the iconic Sonos Sub.
  • Effortlessly control the sound. The volume automatically adjusts along with your paired speaker or soundbar, and you can use the Sonos app to customize the EQ.
  • The 5 GHz WiFi connection enhances audio transmission speed, syncing high-quality sound with your Sonos soundbar and TV.

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Sonos Sub Mini

The wireless subwoofer for bold bass.

Experience powerful lows that surpass your highest expectations. Pair Sub Mini with Beam, Ray, One, One SL or SYMFONISK speakers to enhance scenes and songs with surprisingly rich, clear, and balanced low end.

Mini makes a big impact

A pair of precisely engineered woofers face each other and create a force-canceling effect that neutralizes distortion while generating the full-toned low frequencies of a much larger subwoofer.

More exhilarating entertainment

Pair Sub Mini with Beam or Ray and experience dramatic depth that puts you inside your shows, movies, and games. Enjoy greater depth and clarity for music when you pair with One or One SL or when you listen to music on your Sonos soundbar.

Boom without the box

Hide Sub Mini in plain sight or tuck it under your furniture. The elegant cylindrical design is unlike any other subwoofer and looks at home in your home.

Low bass with low effort

With a single cable and app-guided setup, Sub Mini makes it simple to enjoy fuller, more detailed sound. Mix and match Sonos speakers to create a wireless sound system for immersive home theater, multiroom listening, and more.

Easy control

The volume automatically adjusts with your paired soundbar or speaker. Use the Sonos app to customize the bass level.



  • Which Sonos products can be paired with Sonos Sub Mini?
    • Sub Mini will pair with an amplified, non-portable Sonos product using the Sonos app. Learn more here.
  • What are the recommended products to pair with Sonos Sub Mini?
    • For the best experience, pair Sub Mini with Beam, Ray, One, One SL, or an IKEA SYMFONISK speaker. Sub Mini is also recommended for smaller bookshelf speakers powered by Amp.
  • Will Sonos Sub Mini pair with Arc?
    • Yes. Sub Mini works best with Arc in a smaller room and at low-moderate volume levels. If you have a larger space or intend to listen at higher volume levels, Sub will provide a better experience.
  • Does Sonos Sub Mini need to face a certain way?
    • No. Sub Mini was purposefully designed for flexible placement. It can face any direction but, unlike Sub, shouldn’t be laid on its side.
  • Can I connect Sonos Sub Mini to a third-party soundbar, wireless speaker, or Bluetooth speaker?
    • Sub Mini will only connect to an amplified Sonos product.
  • Do I have to plug in Sonos Sub Mini?
    • Yes. Sub Mini connects to your speaker or soundbar over WiFi but still requires AC power.
  • Do I need to set up Sonos Sub Mini when I set up my soundbar or speaker(s)?
    • No. The Sonos system is designed for modularity, so you can add Sub Mini any time.
  • Can I hardwire Sonos Sub Mini to my soundbar or speaker?
    • Sub Mini will only connect to your Sonos system over WiFi.
  • If I have Sonos speakers in various rooms, will placing Sonos Sub Mini in the center of my home improve the bass of my entire system?
    • No. Sub Mini is designed to improve bass in a single room. Pair a Sub Mini to Sonos speakers in each room where you want to enhance bass.
  • Can I pair two in the same room?
    • No. To use two subwoofers in a single room, use Sub (Gen 3). Learn moreΒ here.
  • Can I use the Sonos S1 Controller app with Sonos Sub Mini?
    • Sub Mini requires the latest generation of the Sonos app (Sonos S2). Learn moreΒ here.
Weight 6350 g
Dimensions 230 × 230 × 305 mm


Black, White


  • Amplifiers

    Both Class-D digital amplifiers are perfectly tuned to the unique acoustic architecture.

  • Woofers

    Dual 6″ woofers face inward for a force-canceling effect.

  • Architecture

    Sealed cabinet neutralizes distortion and enhances the bass response.

  • Adjustable EQ

    Audio settings automatically equalize to balance Sub Mini and the paired Sonos product(s). Use the Sonos app to manually adjust bass and loudness.

  • Trueplay

    This software measures the acoustics of the room then fine-tunes the sound. Supported iOS device required.

  • Frequency Response

    25 Hz


  • Dimensions

    Height: 12 in (305 mm)
    Diameter: 9.1 in (230 mm)

  • Weight

    14 lb (6.35 kg)

  • Colors

    Black, White

  • Finish


  • Join Button

    Press once to add Sub Mini to your system during setup if necessary.


  • WiFi


  • Low Latency

    5 GHz connection to a Sonos soundbar enhances audio transmission speed and syncs high-quality sound with your TV

  • Ethernet

    10/100 port for hardwiring to your router

  • Voltage

    100-240V 50/60Hz internal power supply


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