Sherwood RD-705i 7.1 Ch Network AV Receiver


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  • 100W x 2 in Stereo Mode
  • 100W x 5 in Surround Mode
  • DTS-HD Master Audio / High Resolution Audio
  • Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus
  • DTS-ES, DTS 96/24, DTS Neo 6
  • Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Prologic IIz
  • 192kHz / 24 Bit D/A Converter (all channels)
  • Internet Radio and Audio Streaming
  • DLNA / UPnP Stack to Play Music from PC to Multiple Device
  • Multi Channel PCM Decoding
  • 7 DSP modes (Theater, Hall, Stadium, Room, Panorama, Classic, Multi CH Stereo)
  • One Touch Automatic Speaker Setup
  • Room Acoustic Calibration with EQ
  • HDMI v1.4 with 3D, ARC ? 3 in / 1 Out (Repeater)
  • 2 Zone Multi Room/Source for Audio

Sherwood RD-705i 7.1 Channel Network AV Receiver. Features HD Audio Decoding for Blu-Ray, DTS-HD (Master Audio/High Resolution Audio), Dolby True HD and Dolby Digital Plus.

Weight 9200 g
Dimensions 330 × 435 × 141 mm

Power Output – Stereo 80W x 2 (40Hz ~ 20kHz, THD 0.1%) @ 6 Ohm / Stereo Mode
Power Output – Surround 100W x 7 (1kHz, THD 1.0%) @ 6 Ohms, One Channel Driven
THD 0.04%
Input Sensitivity / Impedance 250mv Line (CD, Tape, Video @ 47k Ohm)
S/N Ratio 95dB
Tone Controls Bass (100Hz) /- 10dB
Treble (100Hz) /- 10dB
Frequency Response Line (CD, Tape, Video) 10-100kHz
FM Tuner
Frequency Range 87.5-108.0MHz
RDS Function RDS, PTY, TP Search
Usable Sensitivity (Mono) 12.8dBf
46dB Quieting Sensitivity Mono 20.2dBf
Stereo 45.3dBf
S/N Ratio (65dBf) Mono 55dB
Stereo 50dB
THD (65dBf, 1kHz) Mono 0.4%
Stereo 0.4%
Frequency Response 30Hz-14kHz, /- 3.0dB
Stereo Separation 1kHz, 35dB
AM Suppression Ratio 45dBf, 40dB
Image Rejection Ratio 94dB
IF Rejection Ratio 76dB
AM Tuner
Frequency Range 522-1611kHz
Usable Sensitivity 400uV/m, 500uV
THD 400Hz, 30% Modulation, 0.4%
S/N Ratio 40dB
Frequency Response 54Hz-2.kHz
Image Rejection Ratio 36dB
Selectivity 29dB
Input Sensitivity 75 Ohm, 1Vp-p
Output Level 75 Ohm, VCR/Monitor Out, Composite, 1Vp-p
Frequency Response Composite Video/S-Video, 10Hz-10MHz ( /- 2dB)
Crosstalk 50db (1MHz)