Russound VM1-4 Video Matrix Switches


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The MCA-C3 Multi-zone Controller Amplifier provides six zones of distributed stereo audio from any of six sources.A variety of input options have been engineered into the MCA-C3 controller.

  • 6 source inputs with zone specific access
  • 6 zones – 6 amplified, 2 with fixed or variable line output
  • Internal AM/FM tuner with RDS (Radio Data System) display
  • Party mode, Source linking, and Zone linking
  • Alarm and sleep timer
  • Optional System Wide Paging capability (through source 6 input)

The VM1 Video Matrix works with a multiroom audio system to distribute component video. It routes video signals to VMR1 receivers in as many as eight zones, each using a single CAT-5e cable. Active video circuitry prevents signal loss and interference in cable lengths up to 300 feet.

Capable of handling high-definition component video signals, the VM1 was designed for use with Russound RNET? multiroom solutions. It provides seamless integration with Russound CAM, CAV, and CAA66 multiroom systems and works with other distributed audio systems using RS-232 serial control. Designed with the future in mind, the VM1 is able to support 1080p resolution in the analog component video format if such content becomes available.


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