Russound Source Equipment SMS3-320


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  • The SMS3 can be used in a Russound RNET-enabledsystem or in another IR-controlled audio system. It canbe controlled by the SMS3-RC remote control, througha web browser, or an RNET-system keypad andremote control.

RNET-enabled System

  • The SMS3 fully integrates with the CAM6.6 andCAV6.6 multi-zone systems. It communicates via theRNET Link In/Out connection. Using an UNO keypadand UNO-LRC1 remote control for operation, UNO key-pads will display artist and song information.

IR-controlled System

  • The SMS3 can be controlled by infrared commandsreceived through the IR connection on the rear panel,in addition to the IR receiver on the front panel. Thereis one IR connection on the SMS3. You will need an IRlink cable (Russound PN 09-0508 or equivalent) forthis connection. The SMS3 IR codes may be learnedinto many other manufacturers’ remote controls.


Out of stock

The Russound Smart Media Server stores and manages your music, providing easy retrieval from virtually anywhere in your home. It supplies three different streams of music simultaneously, making it ideal for use in a multiroom audio system. When used with a Russound RNET? system, the artist, album, and song information is delivered directly to your UNO keypad or touchscreen display.

The Smart Media Server comes with a 320 GB hard drive. The SMS3-320 will store up to 5300 hours for nearly endless enjoyment of your favorite music.

You can load music from your CDs into the Media Server through a built-in CD-ROM reader or transfer music files from your computer. Using easy-to-navigate screens on your TV or computer, you can then organize the songs into themes by genre or artist for random playback or create playlists to play them back in any order you want. As you use the Media Server, its unique Personal Media Assistant learns your music preferences for each theme and applies those preferences to its automated song selection.

Weight 5400 g
Dimensions 328 × 430 × 44 mm

Power Requirements External power supply, 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 0.5dB
Video Output Formats Composite, S-Video, VGA
Image File Formats JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF
CD Drive Full size CDROM


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