Russound KIT2-C3S Multi-zone Controller Amplifier


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The MCA-C3 Multi-zone Controller Amplifier provides six zones of distributed stereo audio from any of six sources.A variety of input options have been engineered into the MCA-C3 controller.

  • 6 source inputs with zone specific access
  • 6 zones – 6 amplified, 2 with fixed or variable line output
  • Internal AM/FM tuner with RDS (Radio Data System) display
  • Party mode, Source linking, and Zone linking
  • Alarm and sleep timer
  • Optional System Wide Paging capability (through source 6 input)


Out of stock

  • The MCA-C3 Multi-zone Controller Amplifier provides six zones of distributed stereo audio from any of six sources.The addition of up to five additional controllers allow for scalability to 36 zones.
  • A built-in internal AM/FM tuner with RDS (Radio Data System) support is optional as source one.
  • An RNET? link using CAT-5e allows for metadata transmission and control of Russound RNET Smart Source components.
  • (BGK-1, ST1, VM-1, BSK-1) C-Series products are Ethernet enabled devices allowing for communication via RIO (Russound I/O).
  • RIO allows C-Series products to integrate and communicate bi-directionally through Ethernet protocol.
  • Using RIO protocol and Ethernet connectivity through the LAN, the My Russound App controls C-Series products and other Russound Ethernet connected products, like our DMS3.1 Digital Media Streamer.
  • The MCA-C3 controller features analog amplifiers providing 20 watts of power per channel to zones one through six.
  • Two zones are equipped with fixed or variable line-level outputs for outboard amplification or subzone use.
  • The MCA-C3 has a front USB port for programming ease and a rear RS-232 port for integration with home automation systems.
  • Custom audio settings, Party Mode, Do Not Disturb, source and zone linking, and All On/Off participation are standard features.
  • Incorporated in the MCA-C3 is a system clock with alarms and sleep timers, Home Theater trigger, routed and common IR outputs, and six 12VDC trigger outputs.
  • Source six can serve as a paging input for connection to a third party paging or phone system.
  • With MDK-C5, MDK-C6, SLK, SLK-1 Keypads or TS3 touchscreens,
  • The MCA-C5 communicates from its built-in tuner and other Russound Smart sources vital information such as preset name, AM/FM station frequency, satellite radio station ID, artist, and song title.
  • Configuration of the MCA-C5 Multi-zone Controller Amplifier requires a PC loaded with Russound SCS-C5 Configuration Software.
  • This free software is available for download at our online Support Center.

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