Russound Amplifiers R1250 MC


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  • Power your multi-room music system with the Russound R1250MC, and enjoy warm stereo sound in as many as six rooms. This 12-channel amplifier offers flexible configuration and control options that allow you to tailor a whole-house audio setup to your specific needs.
  • The R1250MC can distribute music from one audio source, like a CD changer, to multiple rooms in your home. Or you can connect up to six separate sources and play a different one in each listening room. Each of the amplifier’s playback “zones” features independent left- and right-channel gain controls so you can adjust its output for each room in your system. For music playback in more than six rooms, daisy-chain together multiple Russound amplifiers.


Out of stock

The Russound R1250MC is a 12-channel power amplifier ideal for use as the main amplifier in home theater and distributed audio systems. The 12 channels are arranged in pairs to provide amplification for six stereo zones.

Key Features

  • Ideal for home theater and six-zone distributed audio systems
  • Zones are bridgeable to create flexible power configurations
  • Robust circuitry designed for stability under demanding loads
  • Installs with either attached feet or included rack ears
  • Auto sensing line inputs activate amplifier zones upon detecting audio signals
Weight 15770 g
Dimensions 420 × 430 × 150 mm

Receivers Amps Preamps

Single Zone Maximum Output Power 50W per channel, 2 channels at 8 ohms
All Zones Continuous Output Power 35W per channel, 12 channels at 8 ohms
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20KHz +/- 0.3dB
Input Impedance 47kohms Line Input
Voltage Gain 32dB
Standby Power < 0.5 W


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