Russound A BUS A LC3


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The A-LC3 Local Source Input allows you to connect a computer, CD player, or other audio sources to the room speakers in an A-BUS zone.
  • Automatically switches between the local and main source
  • Easy to install and connect
  • A-BUS Amplified Keypad or Amplified Volume
  • Adjustments for switching sensitivity and delay

It automatically selects the connected source when it senses an audio signal. You can then use the room keypad or volume control to adjust the speaker volume while playing the local source, just as you would while listening to a source through the main A-BUS system. When used with a Russound A-K5L keypad, it will turn on the zone keypad.
Designed to install in a single-gang wall box, the A-LC3 connects with CAT-5 cable between the A-BUS system hub (or A-BUS-ready receiver) and an A-BUS Amplified Keypad or Amplified Volume Control.

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