Russound A BUS A H4

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The A-H4 hub is the heart of a single-source A-BUS music system. It sends the output of your audio source to A-BUS Amplified Keypads or Amplified Volume Controls in up to four rooms.
  • A-K3 Amplified Keypads and A-VC2 Amplified Volume
  • Provides source status indication on your keypads
  • Links to other hubs for more zones

If you want music in more rooms, multiple A-H4 hubs can link together to provide more A-BUS zones.
With a receiver or preamplifier connected to the A-H4, you can select any of your music sources to enjoy throughout the house. Or you can connect just a single audio source, such as a computer or a CD changer.

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Dimensions 177.8 × 228.6 × 76.2 mm