Rotel RKB-1508 Custom Installation Power Amplifier


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The RKB-1508 is a slim, 1U design that is ideal for multiple room applications. It employs a flexible power supply that provides continuous power ratings for 4 channels up to 100 watts, or all 8 channels driven at 65 watts into 8 ohms.

At 4 ohms, power capability rises to 8 x 100 watts with all channels driven. An extremely wide range of speakers can be driven to their full potential with superb sound quality. In addition, the efficient Class D design radiates very little heat, virtually eliminating the possibility of thermal shutdown and permitting several RKB-1508 amplifiers to be placed in a rack together.

Each RKB-1508 is shipped with an expanding rack mount that will provide a proper fit in rack sizes from 46cm (18″) to 76cm (30″) depth. The amplifier also includes an attractive face plate to match with other Rotel 15 series models. There is no need to buy a separate rack mount kit making this model an even better value for money.

Hidden discretely in the front panel design are individual input attenuators for balancing each pair of channels on site. The rear panel has a 12-volt trigger for power on/off and two pairs of channels have sum-to-mono switches – a very useful feature for placing speakers in areas where stereo sound would not be useful.

The RKB-1508 has been designed to the highest quality audio standards, but is also a custom installation workhorse, capable of delivering up to 100 watts per speaker across multiple zones of home audio.

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