REL T9 Subwoofer


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  • Experience home theatre and music as the artist intended with the most award winning high-end subwoofer brand, REL Acoustics.
  • The T9i enriches modest systems with deliciously sumptuous natural bass, high quality construction, and gorgeous finishes.
  • Features high quality long throw drivers and powerful, reliable amplifiers.
  • Makes music and cinema sound more natural with enhanced spatial resolution.
  • Increases the soundstage depth and imaging for a truly high end experience.


Top of the T-Series, the T-9 receives a newly redesigned active driver, improved crossover network, upgraded amplifier section, and a brand new and specially tuned passive, the T-9 exceeds all the expectations set by the previous series and vaults this new woofer into the forefront of high performance, low-frequency reproduction.

The T-9?s 10? ULT passive and 10″ ULT active driver with 300W Class A/B amplifier create a deep and wide soundstage with superior layering and texture. Images are more palpable and the separation of instruments is far greater. The T-9 delves deep into the lowest frequencies with superb grip and extension; the new carbon fibre passive woofer allows the T-9 to play louder and lower than all previous T-Series designs.

REL Sub-Bass systems are the benchmark by which all other low-frequency speakers are measured. Consistently awarded high praise and top awards all over the world, REL offers an alternative to the flabby and flatulent bass produced by many so called “subwoofers.”

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Weight 17690 g
Dimensions 373 × 330.2 × 350 mm

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Enclosure Type Sealed Box w/ Passive radiator
Amplifier Power 300W Class A/B
Drive Unit 10″ ULT woofer
10″ Passive (front firing)
Variable Crossover 30 – 120Hz
Power Supply 117VAC @ 60Hz