REL T7 Subwoofer


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Developing further on the success of the T5, the T7 produces the equal of a 200 watt high-current device driving a larger than 13′ cone.? No question these new REL’s sound very powerful.

The T7 feature true Instrument-Grade-Bracing?, borrowed from the musical instrument industry.? This mechanical bracing is credited with producing a suddenness, impact and dynamics not commonly associated with products in this category.? The energy distribution is further aided by heavyweight solid, aluminium feet that allow this newfound speed and ‘slam’ to more efficiently couple into the room.

The T7 also contains REL’s unique REL D? circuit that allows for direct connections of most Class D main amps to these REL’s high-level input.? Quietly introduced late in the old T series run to obtain the date, REL D? decouples the REL’s input and filter circuits thereby providing a safe, secure and seamless connection to the vast majority of Class D amps extant.

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