REL R218 Subwoofer


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  • Class D amplifiers.
  • Piano Black Lacquer Finish
  • 3 Separate Rotary Controls
  • Amplifier Type: ClassD


Out of stock

The REL R-218 is an Award-Winning, Music-Optimized, Compact Subwoofer – And It’s Shockingly Great

This small cabinet with only a 10″ woofer delivers the deepest, tightest bass we’ve ever heard from a sealed REL. Much of the credit for this is due to three revisions which make their debut for Serie-R. The first is the revised crossover, which is vastly more efficient than those used in previous R-series, revealing greater transparency, superior dynamic expression and a sense of ease and effortlessness. The second change is REL’s transition to a new type of digital amplification, this one is built in-house and delivers higher power, better control and blows the lid off of previous designs. The third change, this one less obvious, is the cabinet size and shape which have been enlarged just slightly, but allow the R-218 to open up and extend deeper than any of the previous R-Series models. The R-218 offers better punch and depth than the previous R-305 with superior power and slam than the R-505. The R-218 is a shockingly good sub and a tremendous value, we highly recommend it!


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Enclosure Type Sealed
Driver 10” Long Throw, steel chassis
Crossover Variable, 30-120 Hz Stepped
Input Connectors Neutrik Speakon High-Level input
RCA low level input
.1/LFE RCA input with separate volume control
Amplifier 250W High Current REL-designed Class D
Protection Over Current, Over Voltage