Quadral Aurum Sedan 9 Bookshelf Speaker


Quadral Aurum Sedan 9 Bookshelf Speaker is the perfect loudspeaker for everyone who prefers discreet optics without having to lower their expectations.


The new Quadral Aurum Sedan 9 Bookshelf Speaker is technically a floorstander in a compact size. That’s the impression you get when you’re immersed by voluminous sound as the sound stage unfolds around you.

The presence is impressive, the level stability phenomenal. As if they were made of one piece, the quSENSE-tweeter and big quadral ALTIMA-driver play so smoothly together. SEDAN is the perfect loudspeaker for everyone who prefers discreet optics without having to lower their expectations.

Sound & Technology

We adore technical finesse and perfection – our Aurum series (Quadral Aurum Sedan 9 Bookshelf Speaker) is the proof. Our love to detail, the care and meticulousness with which we manufacture our products make these speakers something very special. Here you will experience power, dynamism and sophistication in a unique interaction.

The exquisite materials and our in-house Q-sense tweeter ensure unprecedented sound quality. Designed for maximum volume, the Quadral Aurum Sedan 9 Bookshelf Speaker has been equipped with sophisticated ventilation that ensures temperature-stable performance over a long period of time. Manufactured using die-cast aluminum, the chassis are extremely stable and torsion-free, thus minimizing unwanted resonances. Thanks to the bowl-shape membrane without dust protection, the loudspeakers achieve optimal radiation characteristics and thus contribute to the optimal sound experience.

Q-Sense Tweeter

Naturalness and dynamics are the words that have to be used when describing this audio pleasure, Quadral Aurum Sedan 9 Bookshelf Speaker. The secret of the Q-Sense tweeter is a short, wide ribbon made of aluminum, which offers a large membrane area and high resilience, thus enabling an incomparable sound. Developed and assembled in Hanover, the tweeters are carefully installed in all models of the Aurum series.

Altima® Membrane

High-quality membranes made of an aluminum-titanium-magnesium alloy ensure high impulse fidelity and low sound discoloration in our Aurum series. This is how we reproduce music and surround sound with maximum dynamics and a perfect bounce effect. The more stroke, the more sound is our credo. The built-in drivers are not only unique in terms of technology – without the dust protection dome, but their clean look is also a special visual highlight.

Binding Port

The Quadral Aurum Sedan 9 Bookshelf Speaker is Equipped with a stable, carefully installed binding port with separate control for high and low frequencies, the Aurum series is also a special treat for technology lovers.

Pressure Chamber

The Quadral Aurum Sedan 9 Bookshelf Speaker. By using a pressure chamber reflex system, the woofers are significantly more strinking and its efficiency is catapulted to a new level. The front pressure chamber and the rear bass reflex volume bridge the gap between sound reproduction that reach far down and at the same time quick response in the low register. The Aurum series also got an upgrade in terms of handling – the opening of the bass reflex tunnel in the 9 series models was moved to the front, which significantly simplifies placement in the room.


The Aurum series is the perfect synthesis of acoustics and aesthetics – a must for everyone who loves and lives for listening pleasure and design. Available in classic black or white, the ten models shine with their carefully crafted high-gloss finish. We have treated the Titan, the Vulkan and the Titan Base to a special highlight – the high-quality piano finish, which is characterized by several individually polished layers of paint, gives these models that extra finishing touch. More style and exclusivity is not possible!

The Aurum Models

Impressive sound quality and perfect elegance – our Quadral Aurum Sedan 9 Bookshelf Speaker has been setting new standards in terms of sound and innovation for over 40 years. Experience power, dynamics and sophistication in a unique combination and enjoy technical finesse and exclusive design in the 9th generation.


The eleven products in our Aurum series offer a wide range of technical sound options and have one goal: the right model for every need. Different sized tweeters, matching center speakers, wall speakers and shelf speakers leave nothing to be desired. As a special highlight, we have launched our Titan and Vulkan models – they do not require an additional subwoofer but provide a solid whoom themselves!

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Weight 13620 g
Dimensions 390 × 230 × 350 mm


  • Type 2-Way.
  • Principle Bassreflex.
  • Nominal/music power (W) 120/180 W.
  • Frequency response (Hz) 33…65.000 Hz.
  • Crossover frequency (Hz) 2.800 Hz.
  • Efficiency (dB/1W/1m) 85 dB.
  • Impedance (Ohm) 8.
  • Tweeter quadral quSENSE® 70mm aluminum ribbon.
  • Woofer 180 mm Ø quadral ALTIMA®.


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