Proficient W682 In-Wall Speaker

Proficient Audio


  • 6? inch high excursion graphite woofer
  • Pivoting aluminium tweeter
  • Switches for +3dB bass and treble
  • Delivers 92dB of sound with just a 1 watt signal
  • 125 watt power handling
  • Includes Thin-Bezel Grilles held by Neo Magnets


Graphite impregnated woofer cones simply sound great, clean, powerful and natural. The W682’s stiff, high excursion 6? inch graphite woofer delivers deep bass response all the way down to 32Hz, lower than a lot of tower speakers can play.

Proficient’s pivoting aluminium tweeter puts out low distortion treble in any direction you choose. Switches for +3dB bass and treble boost fine tune the sound. The W682 delivers 92dB of sound with just a 1 watt signal! That means it needs less than half the power of a typical speaker, so it’ll really rock even with a low-powered amp.

And with 125 watt power handling, it’ll rock really hard with a big amp! Thanks to our sturdy dogleg mounting system, it’s easy to install, too.




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