Pro-Ject RPM 9.1 X


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Sound quality

  • This Pro-Ject is a capable turntable and certainly one that appealed to several of our listeners. Admittedly, it was the final presentation of the day, but the consistency of comments suggests that performance is the most persuasive factor here.
  • As with previous designs from Pro-Ject, the RPM 9.1 is a smooth operator. Some felt that it might be a little bit too smooth and that it doesn’t seem to commit as a result, but the more vinyl that was played, the less this seemed to be an issue. A key characteristic is a strong sense of drive that results in good timing and the sense of engagement with the music that this brings.


Out of stock

Chunky yet attractive, the RPM 9.1’s simple form and freestanding motor lend it a purity of design that makes other turntables seem fussy.

Key Features

  • Tonearm bearing comprises inverted hardened stainless tips in ABEC7 spec ballraces
  • Headshell and conical armtube formed from a single carbon fibre workpiece
  • Armtube allows adjustment of needle azimuth despite fixed headshell
  • Vertical tracing angle adjustable
  • Acrylic platter with perimeter belt drive and brass record puck
  • Inverted main bearing with ceramic thrust-pad
  • Central metal block optimises centre of gravity
  • Sorbothane-damped aluminium cones
  • Drive motor housed in separate base
  • Pro-Ject 9cc tonearm
  • Nominal speeds 33 / 45 r.p.m
  • Record puck
  • Gold-plated RCA phono sockets
  • Dust cover available as optional extra
  • Transparent acrylic plinth
  • Pro-Ject spirit level supplied
Weight 10500 g
Dimensions 325 × 440 × 180 mm

Nominal speed 33 / 45 r.p.m.
Effective tonearm length 9 ” (230mm)
Effective tonearm mass 8,5g
Overhang 18 mm
Platter weight/diameter 3,5kg/300mm
Power supply type Mains-fed outboard power supply 220 – 240V, 50 cycles or 100 – 110V, 60 cycles
Output voltage 16V/500mA AC


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