Pro-Ject RPM 9.2 Turntables


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  • Dark grey piano-lacquer.
    Quiet-running AC motor with two-step pulley belt drive.
  • Medium density fiber plinth rests on three individually height-adjustable magnetic field feet.
  • Supplied spirit level allows easy adjustment.
  • Granulate-filled plinth guarantees constant damping.
  • Motor is mounted in a separate metal housing to eliminate vibration transmission.
  • Resonance-optimized platter in sandwich construction utilizing an acrylic platter and brass record puck.
  • Inverted bearing uses a stainless-steel axle with ceramic ball bearing plate.
  • Central metal block optimizes center of gravity and damps main bearing.
  • Gold-plated phono sockets and earth screw.
  • External power supply avoids potential electro-mechanical interference.

Design Features

The RM-9.2 has great speed stability; a belt-driven design, the massive clamp & platter assembly with low-friction inverted bearing contribute to vanishingly low levels of drag and rumble. The RM-9.2’s platter has a high center of gravity thanks to the inverted bearing, which helps to eliminate resonance in the rotating platter. The external motor is greatly isolated from the base making motor noise a thing of the past.


Pro-Ject’s 9cc EVO carbon-fiber tonearm is one of the coolest looking tonearms on the market. The conical armtube is made entirely out of carbon fiber, including the lifter, giving the 9cc EVO incredible damping characteristics without damaging the sonic advantages of a lighter tonearm. With a superior bearing assembly and massive counterweight, the 9cc EVO has the ability to use a large variety of cartridges. Easy adjustment of VTA, Azimuth, anti-skating and height make the RM-9.2 even more fun to own and use.

Weight 14969 g
Dimensions 325 × 440 × 180 mm


Black, White

Nominal speeds 33 / 45 r.p.m.
Effective tonearm length 9″ (230mm)
Effective tonearm mass 8g
Overhang 18mm
Supplied counterweight cartridge weight 5 – 7.5g, 7 – 10g, 9 – 11g, 10 – 14g
Downforce range 10 – 35mN
Speed variance ±0,5 %
Wow and flutter ±0,06 %
Signal to noise -73dB
Platter weight/diameter 7.7 lbs/11.8″
Power supply type Mains-fed outboard power supply
Output voltage 16V/500mA AC
Power consumption 2W