Pro-Ject Record Puck Pro


Record Stabilising Weight


This record puck ensures a secure fit between record and turntable.

With two different finishes, matte black and polished silver, it cleanly matches the aesthetics of of our turntables.

Record pucks use weight to secure a playing vinyl record against the turntable platter. By holding the two together, sonic performance is improved, in both timing and depth.

Please ensure that the spindle height (including the record) does not exceed 10.5mm.

Optimised playback of records

Extra weight on the spindle helps to hold records in place more effectively than the weight of the records alone, making it easier for the stylus to track the grooves accurately and produce a more detailed, more lively sound.

Burnished in the same nickel-plated aluminium finish as elements of the Debut Pro turntable, the Record Puck Pro is modern, elegant & a fitting way to round out any Pro-Ject Audio turntable


Material: Nickel-plated aluminium
Weight: 190g
Diameter: 78mm
Height: 16mm


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