Pro-Ject Pick It MC 1 Accessories


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  • Moving Coil principle
  • More dynamic playback than MM cartridges
  • High traceability
  • MC-1 suits nearly all preamplifiers/step-up transformers
  • MC-1H connects directly to MM phono preamp
  • Suitable for light to medium tonearm mass
  • 1/2-inch mount
  • As with all MC cartridges, stylus can not be exchanged

MC (Moving Coil) cartridges offer far better sound reproduction levels than conventional MM (Moving Magnet) can do. Pick-it MC-1 needs a special MC-preamplifier, in contrast Pick it MC-1H is a high-output cartridge, that can be connected directly to MM inputs, offering fine, natural and lively sound reproduction of MC without the need of an additional amplifier stage.

Everyone who seeks for the fast, dynamic high-grade playback quality of Moving Coil (MC) cartridges and wants to upgrade an existing cartridge, will be fascinated by the excellent price-to-performance ratio of Pick it cartridges.

Weight 4.1 g

Stylus type Elliptical
Stylus tip radus 8 x 18 µm
Frequency response 20 – 22.000 Hz
Output voltage 0.5 mV
Channel separation >23dB
Compliance 12/12 µm/mN
Tracking force 2,2 – 2,7g
Recommended tracking force 2,5g
Tracking ability (315 Hz, lateral) >70 µm
Vertical tracking angle 20°
Coil impedance 10 Ohm
Recommended load resistance > 10 Ohm (SN:PRO-PICKITMC1) (182767-50)