Pro-Ject Phono Box DS +


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  • MM & MC capable
  • Linear RIAA equalisation
  • Ultimate circuit technology from Dr. Sykora, slimplified, version of Phono Box DS+ without display & relais switching
  • Ultra low noise & low distortion levels
  • SMD circuitry
  • Subsonic filter (switchable on rear panel)
  • Substantial setup options
  • Comfortable switching via buttons on front
  • Metal casing protects against vibration and interference
  • DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)
  • Faceplate silver or black

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This ultra low noise phono preamplifier benefits from the same outstanding circuit technology as the Phono Box DS+ in a slimmed version with almost the same sound quality. This unit comes without display and relay switching, but at a more favourable price. For the first time, nearly all setup options can be made via front panel, making circumstantial handling of mini dip-switches or jumpers obsolete.

Exceptional performance and flexibility with almost any MM or MC cartridge makes the Phono Box DS the best choice in its price class. A subsonic filter is positioned on the rear panel to secure your amplifier and speakers from ultra low rumble below 20Hz. Carefully selected amplifier modules and audiophile-grade capacitors guarantee a breathtaking sound experience. The Phono Box DS is a perfect, cost-effective upgrade for most high-quality hi-fi systems.

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Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 156 × 103 × 72 mm

Receivers Amps Preamps

Input impedance 10ohms, 100ohms, 1kohm
Input capacitance/impedance 47 pF, 147 pF, 267 pF and 367 pF / 47 kohms, Together with other input impedance settings without any influence!
Input gain 40 dB / 50 dB and60 dB
Noise floor 80dB (A weighted) at 40dB input gain
Outboard power supply 18 V / 500 mA DC, suitable for your country’s mains supply
Power consumption 100 mA DC, <1W in Stand-By