Pro-Ject Connect It RCA-3.5mm Cable, 20.5cm


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? Top-quality pure conductors
? European manufacturing
? Double symmetric assembly
? Low capacitance
? Efficient screening to avoid interspersion
? High quality, very flexible dielectric
? Silver plated contacts

These dedicated cables are optimised for use with turntables and Pro-Ject Box Design components. This means they are very flexible and have low capacitance. Their parallel symmetric assembly and perfect screening make these cables technically accurate, resulting in a neutral sound without coloration.

With the exclusive application of European State-of-the-Art components for conductors, dielectric and precision craftsmanship, we supply only top-quality products. RCA-plugs were selected after intense mechanical examination and listening tests.

Our strict commitment to high quality standards make the Connect It cable program the first choice for a lossless connection between all Pro-Ject Box components.