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CONNECT IT Signal Cables

These dedicated cables are optimised for use with turntables and Pro-Ject Box Design components. This means they are very ?exible and have low capacitance. Their parallel symmetric assembly and perfect screening make these cables technically accurate and result in a neutral sound without coloration.

With the exclusive application of European State-of-the-Art components for conductors, dielectric and precision craftsmanship, we supply only top-quality products. RCA-plugs were selected after intense mechanical examination and listening tests.
All available lengths were chosen for best performance regarding the speci?c speed of electrical signals in cables.
Our strict commitment to high quality standards make the CONNECT IT cable program the ?rst choice for a lossless connection between all Pro-Ject Box components.

CONNECT IT is available in different lengths. Very short cables of 0.2 and 0.4m avoid cable tangle with micro components like Pro-Ject Box Design. We also offer longer versions up to 4.92m that are of special interest for bi-amping applications where ampli?ers are mounted directly onto, or inside the speakers.