Pro-Ject Box Design Power Supply



DC Power Supplies:
With the upgrade to DC power supplies across the Box Design range in early 2012, as part of new rulings on standby power usage, there are now a variety of different power supplies used on Box Design models. Please consult the list below to find out which is the correct replacement for your model. If you still have any confusion after looking below, please feel free to get in touch.

ND-024: 2 x 18V / 300mA DC Power Supply 3-Pin Mini XLR Plug

  • Phono Box RS

ND-025: 18V / 500mA DC Power Supply

  • DAC Box DS (Up to S/N D9268)
  • Dock Box S Fi
  • Head Box S
  • Head Box S USB
  • Head Box DS
  • Phono Box
  • Phono Box MM (From S/N E4360 onwards)
  • Phono Box S
  • Phono Box USB V
  • Phono Box DS
  • Phono Box DS+
  • Pre Box S
  • Pre Box DS
  • Pre Box RS (Up to S/N D16272)
  • Speed Box S
  • Switch Box S

ND-026: 18V / 1A DC Power Supply

  • CD Box DS
  • DAC Box DS (From S/N D9269 onwards)
  • Speed Box DS
  • Stream Box DS+
  • Tube Box S
  • Tube Box DS

ND-027: 9V / 300mA DC Power Supply

  • Bluetooth Box
  • Bluetooth Box S
  • DAC Box S FL
  • DAC Box S USB
  • Tuner Box S

ND-028: 9V / 2A DC Power Supply

  • CD Box S
  • Dock Box S Digital
  • Media Box S
  • Remote Box S
  • Stream Box DS
  • Stream Box DS Net

ND-029: 20V / 3A DC Power Supply Coaxial Low-Voltage Plug

  • Amp Box S
  • Amp Box S Mono (Up to S/N C32405)
  • Receiver Box S
  • Stereo Box S

ND-030: 2 x 48V / 2.25A DC Power Supply

  • Amp Box DS Mono
  • Amp Box DS
  • Amp Box RS Mono
  • Amp Box RS
  • Stereo Box RS

ND-031: 24V / 5A DC Power Supply

  • Amp Box S Mono (From S/N C32406 onwards)
  • Stereo Box DS
  • Stream Box DSA

ND-078: 20V / 3A DC Power Supply

  • 3-Pin Mini XLR Plug
  • CD Box RS
  • DAC Box RS
  • Head Box RS
  • Pre Box RS (From S/N D16273 onwards)
  • Pre Box RS Digital
  • Stream Box RS

AC Power Supply Models (Older):
Older Box Design models (mostly up until 2012) were supplied with AC power supplies. Find your compatible replacement below…

16V / 500mA AC Power Supply

  • Head Box II
  • Head Box SE II
  • Speed Box II
  • Dock Box Fi / Vi

The Phono Box (Original)

  • Phono Box II
  • Phono Box USB
  • Switchbox S

16V / 1000mA AC Power Supply

  • Phono Box SE II
  • Tube Box II
  • Tube Box SE II
  • Speed Box SE II
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18V DC with 2.5mm Plug (Suits most Box Design), 20V/3A DC (Suits MaiA/MaiA S2), 9V DC Power Supply for CD Players


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