Pro Control ProLink.r Processor

Pro Control

Communications from the Pro24.r and iPro.8 remotes via RF signal, this processor combines precision control with ample power for complete control over your home technology. Also compatible with our Pro Panel App for iOS.

  • Integrated Control Processor With Built-In 433MHz Receiver
  • Ethernet port (ProPanel use only
  • Four routable infrared ports
  • Two voltage sense inputs
  • One-way control only (does not support 2-way drivers)
  • Use with Pro24.r, iPro8 or ProPanel
  • Programmable in Pro Control Studio only


Connect to your world.

Combining precision control with ample power, this profes- sional-grade processor stores macros and commands to deliver complete command over your environment.

The ProLink.r is PC programmable via Pro Control?s wizard- based software, and communicates with the Pro24.r and iPro.8 remotes via one-way 433 MHz RF signal. Four integrated IR routing ports offer adjustable output strength. It also includes two voltage-sensing inputs for improved management of connected devices.For even more control flexibility, the ProLink.r provides one-way LAN control via tablets, smart- phones and PCs with an activated ProPanel app from iTunes?

Dimensions 248.6 × 56.6 × 22.9 mm

Supported remote control Pro24.r or iPro.8
Support for iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® app Yes (1-way only)
Support for 2-way feedback from compatible device No
Integrated RS232 ports No
Ethernet control Yes (ProPanel use only)
Ethernet for programming Yes
Adjustable IR output strength Yes
Integrated IR routing ports 4
Voltage sense inputs 2
Integrated RF control 1-way (433 MHz)
System commands and macro storage Unlimited*
Integrated antenna Yes
USB programming Yes
IR Frequency Range 0-460KHz


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