Polk Audio RTS105 Bracket Assembly

Polk Audio

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LCi-RTS speakers feature an integrated ?perfect volume? performance enclosure to ensure superb performance
every time. Because the performance enclosure is the same size as the cutout, the speakers install easily in a post
construction project.

The Polk Audio PB 105 Pre-Construction Bracket works with LCi-RTS105 and LCi-RTSfx speaker. It attaches to your studs or joists before drywall is hung. It designates the exact location and exact cut space, where your loudspeaker will be installed. It gives your electrician a wiring target and give your drywaller a hole template.

The pre-construction bracket adds that extra pinch of energy-harnessing, super-efficient rigidity that a Built-In Speaker needs, one more step toward keeping your built-in loudspeakers vibration-free, with added efficiency and less audio “print through.”

It is the inexpensive alternative to custom performance enclosures and gives you more flexibility for speaker placement.

Dimensions 554 × 305 × 108 mm