Polk Audio LSiM706c Centre Channel Speaker


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Build the cinema of your dreams with this high performance flagship center channel speaker designed to hold its own next to the LSiM707 and 705.


  • 1.0″ MDF on the sides
  • 1 1/4″ baffles with substantial internal bracing
  • 3/4″ MDF on the back and bottom,
  • Product Weight (each): 42.3 pounds
  • Mounting Options: Shelf; Speaker stand

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

“Great news!!! Due to the massive success of the PolkAudio LSiM 706C Centre Channel Speaker, all stock of this model has been sold out. You can also find this ranges or products at Polk Audio. Please call our office and one of our experienced staff will help point you in a direction for an alternative product”

The Flagship Center Channel

Polk’s LSi M 706c is more than capable of handling the heavy lifting required of a center channel speaker in a high-performance home theater system. It delivers the kind of effortlessly wide, deep soundstage and realistic imaging that puts you in the middle of the on-screen action.

Polk?s exclusive dynamic sonic engine design optimizes the mid-range driver and the ring radiator tweeter in separate interior chambers for improved transient response, superior imaging and greater horizontal off-axis response.


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Weight 21000 g
Dimensions 810 × 430 × 210 mm

Home Speakers

Driver Complement
Tweeter Quantity: 1
Diameter: 2.54cm
Type: Dynamic Balance enhanced ring radiator tweeter
Mid-Range Quantity: 1
Diameter: 8.26cm
Type: Dynamic Balance drivers with super cell aerated polypropylene cone
Mid / Woofer Quantity: 2
Diameter: 16.51cm
Type: Dynamic Balance drivers with super cell aerated polypropylene cones
Electrical Total Frequency Response: 30Hz-40kHz
Upper -3dB Limit: 30 kHz
Lower -3dB Limit: 50 Hz
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Efficiency: 88 dB
Crossover Type: Orth crossover design
Tweeter/midrange Crossover Frequency: 2.8 kHz
Midrange/midbass Crossover Frequency: 280 Hz
Recommended Amplifier Power: 20-250 watts per channel
Inputs: Dual gold-plated binding posts
Enclosure Type Mid-High Array Enclosure Type: Sealed
Midwoofer Enclosure Type: Dual PowerPort bass venting
Mounting Options: Shelf; Speaker stand