Polk Audio LSiC Center Channel Speaker


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The LSiC is the perfect complement to the new line of ultra high performance Polk Audio LSi front main bookshelf and floorstanding loudspeakers. With it, you can build the ultimate Polk Audio multi-channel music and cinema sound system.

To get exceptional lifelike performance from your multi-channel audio system, you need a Center Channel Speaker and Surround Speakers with the same sonic characteristics as the rest of your speakers. The Aerated Polypropylene Cone and Ring Radiator Tweeter in the LSiC speaker are the same components used throughout the LSi Series. This produces a seamless front stage and lifelike surround environment.

The Center Channel Speaker is the hardest working speaker in a multi-channel rig; anchoring the action and delivering over 50% of a movie?s soundtrack information. The LSiC Center Channel Speaker has a Cascade Tapered Driver Array to maintain wide horizontal dispersion so every listener in the room hears clear, detailed sound, even off-axis. Its low profile is designed for unobtrusive placement on top of your TV.

The LSi Series from Polk Audio is the new standard in affordable loudspeakers for serious listening. The Evolution of the Polk Sound.