Polk Audio F/X Wireless Surround Speaker


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Eliminate the need for multiple rear speakers with the world?s first and only single surround speaker and it?s wireless.

The incredible, category-defining F/X Wireless Surround Speaker has arrived. Now one compact loudspeaker placed unobtrusively behind your seating creates a completely enveloping, realistic surround-sound performance. Gone are the traditional Surround speakers, the wire and the installation hassles. It?s engineered with patented ?smart? technology to work perfectly in any size room, and to fit unobtrusively into your d?cor on the floor or on or under a sofa-back table or bench. The F/X Wireless Surround Speaker gives you the power to achieve astonishingly lifelike and dynamic surround-sound effects from one compact, wireless loudspeaker!

Familiar concept, unexpected location

You?re familiar with new single-speaker surround-sound systems, like the Polk Audio SurroundBar. F/X Wireless Surround grew from the same concept, but behind you this time: a wireless single-speaker rear surround speaker. The F/X Wireless Surround Speaker incorporates exclusive new technologies, like Controlled Dispersion Array technology (to accurately simulate multiple channels from one source) and Polk Digital Logic? (to automatically optimize the sound design for your room setup), with the classic warmth and realism of the Polk Audio sound

Boost the surround-effect of your single-speaker surroundsound system, or just lose the clutter and installation hassle of two or more rear surround speakers attached to your walls, with their wires trailing across your floors. And you?ll never miss the exciting performance of real surround-sound.

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