Panasonic DMP-UB300GNK Smart 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player


Powerful 4K HDR Image Processing

  • With an advanced HDR 4K engine, called the HCX (Hollywood Cinema Experience) Processor for Ultra HD Blu-ray, the DMP-UB300 is able to deliver the most accurate movie playback, true to the filmmakers intention.
  • It also reproduces Ultra HD Blu-ray and 4K video images from the online streaming services with precise colours and optimal brightness.

Enjoy Vibrant Images, Even in Bright Rooms

  • Images in dark scenes can difficult to see in brightly lit rooms but with the DMP-UB300, you can activate the Optimum HDR Processing function forcibly raise the brightness of low-brightness areas.
  • Even when switched to a bright scene, the image will be analysed and optimised to produce crisp, clear images with vibrant colours.

Beautiful Images on Standard Dynamic Range TVs

  • The DMP-UB300 is at its best delivering 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) pictures to your 4K TV. But if your 4K TV is a little older and doesn’t offer 4K HDR, then our player uses
  • Optimised Tone Remapping to deliver the best possible picture to the screen.

Enjoy a World of 4K Online Video Content

  • As demand for 4K content continues to expand, the DMP-UB300 Blu-ray player supports 4K VOD (Video on Demand) services to offer a new video viewing experience for viewers who demand exceptional quality in picture and sound.

4K Picture Quality from 2K Content

  • The DMP-UB300 features original 4K Direct Chroma Upscaling technology to deliver 4K-quality pictures with high resolution and beautiful colours from 2K content.
  • By converting Full HD signals directly into 4K signals, this technology achieves higher-precision image processing and translates into 4K images with natural textures and incredible depth.

Experience Studio Master Sound Quality

  • This model is designed for high-resolution audio reproduction. In addition to the conventional WAV/FLAC/MP3/AAC/WMA formats, DSD (5.6 MHz/2.8 MHz) and ALAC music files can be reproduced.
    Simply connect to your home audio system to enjoy music sources equivalent to studio master sound quality.


Experience Hollywood at home with our 4K PRO Ultra HD Blu-ray Player, offering dazzling images smart networking features capable of streaming 4K content from online services like Netflix.

Ultra HD Blu-Ray Playback (4K/HDR), 4K High Precision Chroma Processor,4K Direct Chroma Upscaling and HCX (Hollywood Cinema Experience) Processor for Ultra HD Blu-Ray.

Key Features

  • 4K Quality Picture
  • 4K Network Functions
  • High-Res Audio Playback
  • Upscaling – 4K Ultra HD
  • Player Type : Blu-ray Players
Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 193 × 320 × 45 mm

Ultra HD Blu-ray/ FULL HD 3D/ BD-Video yes
DVD-Video/ DVD Video Recording yes
Picture Type Presets Normal/ Cinema/ Fine Cinema/ Retro Cinema/ Cartoon/ Live
High Quality Network Audio Playback (DLNA) yes (FLAC/ WAV/ ALAC/ DSD/ WMA/ AAC/ MP3)
Remote Control yes(Simple)
Internet Apps yes*9
Web Browser yes
LAN (Ethernet) Terminal yes (for Ultra HD Blu-ray, DLNA, BD-LiveTM*11, Internet Apps*9 and Firmware Update)
Power Supply AC 220-240V, 50Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 320 x 45 x 193 mm
Weight 1.3 kg


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