Optoma ZE-LR4


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PC remote mouse and laser pointer. Wireless RF mouse – Use to control Powerpoint presentations. More information is in the features section of this product.
  • Wireless USB Transceiver
  • Remote Multimedia
  • Laser Pointer Icons
  • Navigation Pad

Features?backlit?LCD display with mode indicator and countdown timer with vibrate function.

The Laser pointer can be set to display an icon shape.


Wireless USB Transceiver

  • LR4 is an all-in-one transmitter and receiver.
  • The wireless USB receiver separates from the main controller unit and plugs directly into any USB port.
  • The controller can transmit up to 10 meters.
  • Remote Keyboard and Mouse – Control the mouse or keyboard during presentations over the wireless connection.

Remote Multimedia

  • Use LR4 as a remote control for playing multimedia content.

Laser Pointer Icons

  • Project five different pointer images and enhance the appeal of your presentations.

Backlit?LCD Menu

  • ?Always know the current status of your LR4 with an easily viewable display.

Navigation Pad

  • The ergonomic LR4 provides simple thumb control for easy navigation of the LCD Menu and replacing the mouse during presentations.

Countdown Timer

  • Set the timer to countdown from up to 24 hours to remind you of important events, or how much time is left for your presentation.

Vibrate Alarm

  • The vibrate lets you discretely acknowledge timed alerts without creating a distraction.

Power-saving mode

  • The LR4 will automatically turn off after 30-minutes standby.

System Restore

  • LR4 remembers and restores the previous state of operation after switching off or even changing the batteries.