Optoma Mobile LED Projector OP-ML500


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Traveling professionals will love the Optoma ML500 LED portable projector for its compact size and useful features which support powerful and effective presentations in a variety of environments. Small office and home office users presenting to small groups can meet their projection needs without the cost and complexity of an installation projector. Home users will appreciate the opportunity to have their entertainment in their home or quickly set it up as an impromptu backyard theater.

The ML500 is designed to be simple to use. The built-in media viewer delivers PC-free projection of Microsoft Office documents, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. from onboard memory, SD cards, or USB flash drives. The USB display provides quick, easy projection from laptops. The HDMI port lets the projector connect readily to the broadest possible range of devices. Auto Keystone automatically optimizes the image shape for non-standard projection setups. Instant On/Off minimizes time to projection.

At less than 2-1/2-pounds, the projector is ultra-portable and is designed so that the AC cord does not need a power brick (reducing weight and enhancing portability).

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